Dear Internet...

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July 25, 2012 7:02 pm

E-babe from partywitch on 8tracks.

"E-babe" playlist by Grace Miceli

July 21, 2012 5:38 pm July 11, 2012 12:06 pm

Dear Internet

Oh, Internet

Our chemistry is electric

We are so connected

I like to turn you on

And interact all night

Internet, we

Charlotte Cullen, 22, UK

10 years 

9:41 am

Dear Internet

It has been a on off relationship with you for 9 years. It feels like more? I guess when we first started out, I only ever used you for playing dress up games.

Now, I find myself hanging out with you for hours on end, using you to talk to other people and post pretty photos and endlessly search twin peaks trivia (which may I add, I am thankful to you for showing me!)

In a way, I wish I hadn’t met you. It makes life a little bit harder, where I can’t avoid certain people or see things I wouldn’t want to witness or read. Making both women and men feel the need to change themselves and conform to what the internet feels is ‘perfect’

On the other hand, you have opened my eyes to new things-new friends, new art, media, allowing me access to buy things on the web without me leaving my bed, and for that I thank you.

 For now, internet, I would like you stay. You’re not too bad. I will always hate to love you.

Olivia, 19, Kent

9:08 am

Dear Internet…

You’ve always been there for me, cyberspace. Through good times, and bad. I can’t really remember a time without you, which is pretty scary as I did a hell of a lot of travelling before meeting you, but none of that matters now really as I can look up, on Google, all of the places I apparently went to as a child. 

I met my IRL boyfriend on your servers, and I’ve never been happier :) <3 
But back to URL, you’ve been my advisory doctor, my dj and raconteur. I can find anything I need amongst your ever growing number of pages, without ever needing to move from my desk. Some people say that I’m addicted, but what do they know? 
I’ve learnt more about aliens and people than I ever could by walking the streets.  I will always love you, internet, even when you’re down. 
Muchos besos (Thanks, google translate!)

Tom, 22, UK
Relationship length: 10 years, only really serious though for the last 6 though.

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